How Can I Help You Create a Business?

Amazon has huge potential at the moment. The possibility of creating a successful Amazon FBA Business is very likely and with the help of a course or a coach you could get there. A lot of people like taking courses however there are some who prefer 1 to 1 coaching. It's more personal and the sessions are tailored to you and your product. 

If you are a total newbie and haven't learnt anything regarding Amazon, coaching will not only help you get there, but because the sessions are 1 to 1 over Skype, you'll get there much more quickly.

I started coaching in January 2016. The students I've coached have created successful Amazon business and still get in touch for meet ups and performance reviews. It's an ongoing relationship even after you've set up your business. Having someone there guiding you along the way of choosing a product, buying a product, creating a listing, selling that product, branding, etc makes life much easier. 

Below I'm going to lay out the basis of what we will cover. Every student will be at a different level and after our initial consultation I'll be able to make a program tailored just for you, no matter what level you are. Below will be a basic outline of everything that could potentially be covered if need be. 


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Every session will be tailored to you and your product. What you see above is just a basic overview of what we can cover. 

How much will this Private 1 to 1 coaching cost?

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Shimmy Morris

Initial consultation via email or phone will be free. We will discuss your aims and what you would like to achieve selling on Amazon and I can explain the benefits as well as the process of our private coaching sessions.


Phone: 0800 061 4783

Skype: shimmymorris

1 Hour Skype Session

£200/Per Session

After the 7th Coaching Session you will get full access to 3 of our Amazon Courses

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