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My name is Shimmy Morris and I'm currently running an Amazon Business with my Business Partner. We have worked on amazon for a few years now and we have learnt how to successfully list product after product making each one as successful as the other! We have got our products to page 1 on Amazon for multiple keywords and have sold over $250,000 worth of products!

I also do a variety of things as well as Amazon. My next biggest venture is Online Teaching. I have multiple courses teaching a range of different subjects, from Fiverr, to Facebook Marketing. My biggest and most successful course is Azon University, this is a course teaching the entire Amazon Process. I really enjoy helping others create there business and see the success they deserve, this is why I aim to make a training course for anything I'm successful at online. I also do private coaching for Amazon training, if you wanted something more tailored to you this is a good option.


Learn Nation is my the Education Hub I have created. It's where all my courses are hosted, it's the basis of my Youtube Channel. Hopefully you will be able to find the help you need there and one day I aim to grow it into a massive community of Instructors and students. A place for all types of Learning.