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I'm Shimmy, A Youtuber, Online Marketer, General Manager and Business Owner.

This website is a collection of my work, the tools I use to run my businesses and various strategies I use to help me build successful businesses that I enjoy.

Hopefully, you'll be able to live more productive and successful lives with the information I share.

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👕 My Clothing Brand

I've always loved fashion and ever since I could remember I've wanted to create my own brand. I was told it was impossible, and there's just no point.

This is why I decided on the name "Imagine" because I want to inspire anyone to do anything they can possibly imagine! It's time we spread positive messages and support each other in their endevours.

Getting Started With Print on Demand

Starting a side hustle is a dream for a lot of people, but with Print on Demand, it can easily be a reality. The work is hard but it's very accessible to everyone.

There are little to no start-up costs, and the work is quite straightforward. It can take a few months, if not longer to see returns, but when you start getting sales, it picks up quite quickly and you'll have yourself quite a healthy stream of income.

My Print on Demand Course

I have a huge library of free videos on YouTube about starting a Print on Demand business and what you should do to increase your chances of success.

Sometimes a lot of people want a more structures approach to learning, which is why i created this course. I didn't want to make something that was out of anyones reach which is why I have priced this at only $10.

This allows me to keep my YouTube videos as entertaining and fun as possible and instead post the long form tutorials and step by step videos in my Course.

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